michael answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is this Program for Me?

Q. I'm not feeling confident in my ability to use nutrition, herbal therapy and lab testing to help my patients. Will this Program help?

A. Yes! The CMC is a proven program that focuses on clinical training in these areas. It greatly increases the confidence, skills and success of natural health professionals who study and apply the training.  After graduating dozens of practitioners since I started the Program in 2013, and seeing the changes it creates in clinicians, patients and practices, I know that the Program works.


Q. I'm not an acupuncturist. Can I still join the CMC?

A. Yes. Though I am an acupuncturist, and attracts many acupuncturists who wish to expand their traditional toolbox to meet the needs of today’s patients, I have trained some 10,000 chiropractors over the last 25 years, many of whom have taken and  benefited greatly from this Program.


Q. I'm good at helping patients but still struggling financially. Can this Course help my practice success be as good as my patient care?

A. Yes! About 25% of the training in the CMC is business-centered mindset and strategies to improve your practice success. The CMC will show you how to grow and expand your practice, and create, in a heart- and values-centered way, a prosperous business that changes lives for the better.  


Q. I use muscle testing to assess my patients. Is this Program compatible with that?

A. Yes. Over the years I have attracted into the Program many high-level, advanced muscle-testing practitioners with decades of experience. They come to learn herbal therapy, functional lab testing, and the functions and rationale of the supplements they use - in short, to expand their diagnostic and treatment tools to complement their applied kinesiology system.   


Q. I currently don't use Standard Process in my practice. Will the CMC still be a good fit, and useful for me?

A. Yes. I have used many product lines over 28 years of clinical practice, and chosen to use mostly SP and MediHerb (MH) for myself, my family and patients, instead of the synthetic isolates that I used almost exclusively in the early years. So while most of my protocols focus on SP and MH, I do use and teach other products as well - Chinese herbs and formulas from other product lines that are effective.  If you join the Program and choose not to use SP and MH (this is unusual), you will still learn about herbal therapy, functional lab testing, diet and nutritional supplementation strategies that you can apply to other companies’ products.


Q. How much interactivity does the course require?

A. Part of the core training of the CMC is our live, weekly, interactive calls. Plan on attending at least 35 of the 50 calls that will happen during your Program year. It is quite helpful, though not required, to participate in our private, online member community. You will also receive two one-on-one coaching calls during your Program year.


Eligibility, Enrollment and Registration

Q. How do I enroll and register?

A. Simply click on Enroll Now which will direct you to The Gaeta Institute. You will be able to complete your transaction in a secure cart and get started!


Q. I have registered. What happens next?

A. You will instantly receive access to our online learning platform and the first month of your training curriculum. My Client Success Manager is Molly Mandje. She will reach out to you to schedule your Program orientation.


Q. If I fall behind in the Program, can I extend the course past the year?

A. My team is here to support your clinical, business and self-development success, so I encourage you to be in contact with Molly Mandje if you are having any challenges with the curriculum, or any technical issues that are causing you to fall behind. I pace the course based on years of experience, learning what works. It is important for you to allocate three hours in your weekly schedule - one hour for our Thursday live call and two one-hour blocks for self-study - to invest in yourself and your practice.


Q. When can I start the Program? At set times during the year, or any time I'm ready?

A. I currently offer rolling admission to the Program. This means once you determine your best start date and register, your one-year Program begins.


Q. Does the Program require prior knowledge? What level of experience is required?

A. I have had practitioners at all levels in the Program - from new graduates, to those with 40 years of experience. Wherever you are at in your career, the Clinician's Mastermind Circle will help you grow yourself and your practice. While there is a focus on Standard Process and MediHerb supplements, deep understanding is not required for success in this Program.


Technical requirements

Q. What are the technical requirements of the course?

A. It is important to have a basic comfort level with using technology on your own: operating a computer, e-mail, web browsing, copy and paste, logging into websites with a User ID and password. These basic skills are necessary to fully use and benefit from this Program.


Q. What do I do if I need technical assistance?

A. I've changed over to Teachable as my online learning platform. It is very easy to use, and there is great support available if there is an issue with the website. My Client Success Manager is Molly Mandje, and if there is an issue with a file or module in the course please contact her.


Q. How do I get access to course material and how is it delivered?

A. Your twelve-month course is delivered based on your enrollment date. For example, if you joined on June 25, month one of curriculum is available on June 25 and month two of curriculum is available on July 25. The entire course is accessible through the unique login you created when you joined the Gaeta Institute and enrolled in the Program. The three areas of the Program are online self-study, interactive training, one-on-one coaching, and a supportive  practitioner community.


Tuition and payments

Q. When do I pay my tuition?

A. You register via credit card at https://michaelgaeta.teachable.com/p/cmc. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You can choose 12 monthly payments of $500, or a single payment of $5000 (a savings of $1000 over the monthly plan). Once you register, your one-year Program begins, and you will have access to the online course curriculum.


Continuing Education Credits and Certification

Q. Who certifies the Program?

A. Like most certification programs, CMC certification is from the company that delivers the education - in this case, The Gaeta Institute.


Q. How many CEU’s will I recieve?

A. If you are an NCCAOM Diplomate, you will receive up to 30 PDAs from NCCAOM towards recertification, in Biomedicine.


If you have a question that is not answered above, please email molly@gaetacommunications.com to let us know. We're happy to help. Thank you for your interest!