All Disease Becomes Autoimmune:

Preventing and Reversing the Autoimmune Process


On this page we have gathered everything you need to obtain continuing education credits for a 12 hour seminar. If you feel anything is missing, please do not hesitate to contact Molly Mandje at

Seminar Description & Objectives & HBH

Seminar Notes

Michael's CV


Seminar Logistics

We have a few requests to keep Michael prepared for a smooth seminar day.


Order forms

We strongly recommend having 2 Standard Process and 2 Mediherb order forms for each participant.

Product requests

Michael’s preferred Product/Literature list.

Michael likes to have these products on hand during the seminar for sampling. He prefers them readily accessible (on a table in the back of the room, for example). These are only suggestions, and we greatly appreciate any products or literature you choose to make available for participants.

Short Phone Call

Michael would like to have a short phone call with you the week before the seminar. This call should be only 10-15 minutes for Michael to check in, discuss specific seminar plans and answer any questions. His number is 917-613-4501.

Please look at our example photo of the ideal seminar room set up.

Michael prefers to have the projector off to the side (not in the middle of the room), a whiteboard or butcher block paper with markers for making notes, a bar/high stool, and at least a gallon of spring water per day.

We understand that each venue is different, but Michael has a significant preference for rooms with windows. This creates a better, more centered learning environment and, if allowed the option, we recommend booking a conference room with natural light.

ideal room setup

social media

Michael would greatly appreciate your efforts to take some photos during the event and upload them to social media. Please tag him on Facebook.

Wifi password

If Wifi is available, please have the login information available in the room on the morning of the seminar.

# of Seats setup in the seminar room

Michael provides his own handouts, beyond the seminar notes. He prefers to bring enough handouts for the number of seats setup in the room, not the number of registrants.

His handouts include:

Action List

Consultation Form

Expert Nutrition Advisor Flyer

Gaeta Institute Trainings

Order Form